Romanian Creative Week (RCW22) will synergically gather most of the creative industries (i.e., architecture, performing arts, music, film, fashion, visual arts, advertising, new media, design etc.). Its main objective is to facilitate collaborations among young creatives and specialized professionals, in a common effort to promote, develop and strengthen creative industries. This will be done at national and regional levels, in front of an extremely diverse, demanding and curious audience and will be transmitted both live and online.

As a natural follow-up of the first edition, RCW22 expands its creativity and explorations through indoor and outdoor exhibitions, architecture competitions and happenings, surprising new media events, augmented reality challenges and immersions into virtual realities, workshops, fashion shows, film screenings, live music and culinary extravaganzas, thus RE:STARTING the whole country.

Romanian Creative Week is organized by the Federation of Employers of the Creative Industries (FEPIC) – the only representative business federation nationally active in the sector of Creative Industries in Romania. FEPIC was established in Iași, in August 2011. It has organized, until now, directly or through its member associations, more than 50 actions for national and international promotion of the Romanian creative industries in fields such as clothing design, film and television industry, advertising, IT , music, etc.

The main objective of FEPIC is to directly support the creatives and creativity.
Our objectives also cover areas related to the recognition of creative industries as an economic sector, providing administrative support for creativity as well as identifying the ways in which creativity can and should contribute to the economic, cultural and social development of communities.