Abigail Doan

Artist, archivist, and researcher, Abigail Doan, lives between the U.S. and Europe. Her environmental projects explore the visual intersections of site-specific landscape phenomena and art lab/design methodologies. The historic, organic, and soft sculptural forms populating her studio serve as an evolving archive of materials to be installed and documented in modifiable ways. Fiber, recycled plastics, soil/clay, and textile/tool components serve as a counterpoint to her photographic recordings of environmental stimuli and ideas about loss, preservation, and resilience.

Beyond the exhibition of her own studio projects, Abigail is an advisor for cultural and environmental preservation initiatives, and currently serves as the program director for the Haemimont Foundation in Sofia, Bulgaria, Italy, and NYC. She has also worked as a researcher for documentary films and an art director for multimedia projects on archaeological and historic sites. Her journalism portfolio includes articles on environmentally-responsible design, textiles, and fashion/heritage brands.