KraftMade means Marlene and Alex Herberth living and working in Cincu, Transylvania. Marlene Stanciu works in different mediums ranging from textile to food and their relation to place, being a weaver of threads, ideas and disciplines with a background in anthropology and cultural policy. Alex Herberth is a wood restorer and art-carpenter with 20 years of experience, creator of performative, unique objects using mediums like wood and metal, bones and stones. He is also a researcher and archiver & conveyor of ancient craft techniques in Transylvania.

Together they research the sources and resources of archaic harmony and traditional craft techniques – why things were done in different ways in relation to their originary geography. They test contemporary practicality of old ideas, of natural materials and the slow circuit of design, production and consumption (slow design). Since 2017, in an endeavour to produce less objects but stimulate more meaningful dialogue about sustainability, they created KraftMaking the Future, a series of practical workshops for designers, architects and artists meant to convey archaic craft wisdom as sustainable solution for the future.