The tamer loved his stones very much. He even wished that they could sit freely as they pleased, not huddled in the nests that made up the city. He loved their bright sturdiness and weight, the natural order that reigned among them, the formations and sands that spoke at once of times long gone and of a future that would find them unbroken. With all these pleasant thoughts in his head the tamer strolled every day over his domain.

At sunset, the stone tamer retires in peace. The stones, in turn, live in a different time than him. Gathered as they have agreed with their friend, the stones sit and whisper what they have heard through the ages.

But the tamer’s household is no ordinary one. An old stone guard stands watch over his domain.  This boulder, the tamer’s trusted confidant, carries his banner.

Location: The new park on the esplanade of the Luceafărul Theatre