The fashion label Abuburuzan has emotion, feelings as a general theme, the brand name itself comes from an old signature, that the designer, Andreea Buburuzan, used in her childhood for signing sketches or paintings.

Abuburuzan showcases collections that are made with printed fabric, geometrical cuts, and with a contrasting feeling overall.

“Suceava ’82” was the first collection made by the brand, that also represents the brand’s identity, and that is centred around the concept of communism in Romania.

All the garments created by the brand, are designed and destined to be worn by people of all generations, most of the clothes have a unisex fitting. Another specific element about Abuburuzan are the prints that are seen on all clothes, that are created always in a specific manner, for every collection.

In an overview, the label, Abuburuzan, reunites ideas or concepts that have a certain sensibility, with cuts and colours that are modern.