Heavily influenced by the unconscious punk undercurrent of a small underground city, AXENTE mixes the harshness of trash with the softness of elements as fragile as lace. AXENTE’s first project, a drop of 3 graphic t-shirts was all about shining light on the darker, more raw side of humanity, using a piece of clothing as wearable as it can get to exhibit statement messages that highlight today society’s controversial issues, from sexuality – “MURMURE-MOI TES FANTASMES”, all the way to political issues – “ONLY SUITABLE FOR INSENSITIVE LAWBREAKERS”.

A year later, the first capsule collection entitled “Lace handkerchief” was launched, being a sincere unveiling of past emotions and experiences, materialized through garments. The main source of inspiration for the collection is the Victorian handkerchief with lace details that women used to carry, which they often wiped their tears with, used as a symbol to illustrate the acceptance of emotional development through the complexity of feelings. The collection has brought together several directions in a common aesthetic, ranging from basic pieces, activewear, to complex compositions and combinations of materials for decorative purposes. This project aimed at highlighting the emotional and vulnerable side, representing the beginning of the transition to the next project.

The newest collection is called BLACK SUN and illustrates human typologies passed through a filter with punk influences in the form of ten very well defined outfits. It is very much a manifest with the purpose of destroying stereotypes in contemporary society, as well as remodeling the instinctive thinking of modern man. The title is metaphorical and reflects an alternative source of light on a society in which boundaries are not defined. Black sunlight depicts the unfinished side of a human who can express himself without being unconsciously shaped by the space around him. The complex pieces take on particularities of the typology that represents the source of inspiration of each outfit, and then they are reshaped in a chaotic way that embraces the free expression of the human essence. Thus, the corporatists are the inspiration for the fine tailoring elements found in jackets and trousers, the classic white wedding dress transforms its silhouette and point of interest, keeping the elegance of lace and fluid materials, and the aristocratic woman’s interest in culture is captured in the mature silhouette of dresses. Metaphorically, BLACK SUN was a counterattack aimed at restrictive rules that limit the uniqueness of the individual, creating an abstract space in which we are allowed to outline an authentic appearance, in the absence of fear of rejection from the outside.

The upcoming story aims to continue the creative direction illustrated so far, in terms of personal experiences. The concept is based on the exploration of a woman who has no authority over her narrative, redefining her misinterpreted nature through the idea of vulnerability and virtue.

AXENTE illustrates the graceful process of emotional evolution through both positive and negative experiences, exploring the duality of human nature, driven by power and sensitivity simultaneously. The wide range of garments, from active wear to intricate shirts and corsets, encourage people to dig into themselves to find their most authentic, raw side and later express it on the outside through clothes.