Ivaz couture

IVAZ Couture Brand represents contemporary fashion design reinterpreted through an emphatic vision of our present.

In this relative new formula from 2018, associates – Ioana Coroian and Violeta Ivaz – have a new esthetic visual proposal of feminine clothing. Two different feminine perspectives succeeded to reveal in front of a powerful women, a modern line of products with special events destination.

Violeta Ivaz the Designer of IVAZ Couture Brand, with a fashion degree at the Fashion Department of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, transforms the fashion illustration to reality with the desire of offering a different view in minimalist lines, with special attention for details.

Ioana Coroian succeeds to further transform, through visual esthetics, the image of the product, creating carefully studied digital content.

A powerful, independent and sophisticated woman is the image created by the IVAZ Couture Brand. Minimalist creations and clean lines are specially designed and can be found in the House’s collections for the aesthetic eyes of contemporary women. Classy, luxurious and elegance are just a few expressions of our designs. Attention to details is made possible in our journey, with the valuable support of the atelier.

The conceptual designs, with a marvelous story behind, make the composition of each look to impress, in a very beautiful way, the esthetic of the present. Through our desire to offer different styling concepts we succeed to present the collections worldwide.

The participation within professional events at “Paris Fashion Week” have given a great awareness for the brand. This year, a participation at “Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week” is included in out portfolio.

Atypically Couture Bridal collections captures the viewer eyes. In the near present we have the desire to extend our next projects for the “Ready-to-Wear” collections.