Faculty of Visual Arts and Design
Fashion Design

GROUP SHOW: Fashion collection “Emojipedia” is realised by students of Fashion design department (BA – 1st and 2nd year and MA 1st year).

Coordinators: Associate Prof. PhD. Cornelia Brustureanu; Lecturer PhD. Cristina Hîrțescu.

Concept: Emojipedia fashion collection represents an x-ray and at the same time a reflection on how the communication evolved, of its new coordinates in the current social and cultural context. Communication, understood as a set of actions that have in common the transmission of information in the form of messages, news, symbolic signs or gestures, texts written between two individuals, called interlocutors, or more formally, sender and receiver, is suitable today for the use of several role models. Psychologists consider communication as a special type of behaviour, sociologists as a decisive factor of socialization, anthropologists as a tool for establishing and spreading culture, semiotics as a process of configuring and reconfiguring the meanings of signs etc. Communication is an irreversible and cumulative process; we cannot review, cancel and / or modify communication experiences. Communication through eye contact is very difficult to recover in a general model, because it is largely determined by the cultural environment in which it takes place.

In the pandemic context, communication has become faster, shorter and some would say, popular. The message was more modest.

The ICON, the sign that has acquired a referential capacity by virtue of its resemblance to the objects, states, denoted emotions, has become an important element of remote communication. The use of icons went down the communication into the area of ​​concrete reality. Through icons, we can answer various questions, make comments or remarks about the surrounding reality, express emotions state what we like or dislike about what is happening. The proposed collection exploits in clothing this new way of communication, through the pictographic language, which uses small images that can convey an idea, concepts, objects, situations or actions in the realm of reality.

The tailoring of the outfits, the production techniques and the materials used metaphorically describe the new paradigm of communication.