Cristina Lazăr

The Cristina Lazăr brand appears in 2000, with the first personal collection launched, entitled “Generations”. Collection that was selected to participate in the International Fashion Festival in Iasi and that was inspired by the national costume, based on the creation of mixes using traditional elements in a contemporary note.

Cristina Lazăr is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara and a PhD student in Visual Arts having launched several personal collections that were presented at various national and international events: Romanian Creative Week (Iasi), Soirees de la Mode (Bucharest) , International Fashion Festival (Iași), Timișoara Fashion Week (Timișoara), Transilvania Fashion International Festival (Cluj-Napoca), etc.

Cristina Lazăr approaches a fresh design in simple lines, purified shapes with compositional accents of unique, manufactured elements. All this being in a continuous adaptation, following the spirit and the chromatic refinement before being a direct answer of the new trends. It aims to create versatile pieces, in which the emphasis on quality and functionality are the basic principles of the brand. Through her creations, the designer Cristina Lazăr captures and represents stages of contemporary fashion obtained from the awareness of the past and its reinterpretation. The search and remodeling process is continuous and evolves both visually and conceptually.

The unique collection of accessories completes the brand’s proposals, following the same line and search in design with an emphasis on innovation. Cristina Lazăr designs in her collections contrasting associations of materials and textures, by using unconventional materials, epoxy resin, metallic elements, natural leather, flowers, pieces of wood, etc.

The principles of the brand are represented by a personal aesthetic vision of design in the development of clothing and accessories lines, its proposals aim at the desideratum of the distance of uniformity.