Igna Brăgaru

The creator of the brand is Inga Bragaru, a Romanian designer born in 1991, Republic of Moldova. After the graduation of the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca in 2013, the Inga Bragaru brand (an organic evolution of the 3 years of study) was established. The education in the field of fashion design and visual arts continued with the graduation of the master’s degree, and also with the doctoral enrollment at the same University of Cluj-Napoca.

Inga Bragaru is characterized by the innovation of sustainable forms and materials, original design, personal style, dynamism.

The philosophy of the brand consists in the originality of the product design, combined with the ethics regarding the production, and also the care for the environment. Approaching the world as a macro-culture is an eternal source of inspiration, supported by a brand characterized by passion and individualism.

Inga Brăgaru addresses all the people who follow their own path in life, also to those who wish to express their individual style (not only from an aesthetic point of view) the clothes being a messenger of a spiritual, cultural and intellectual nature.

Campaigns emphasize the mystery and challenge a sophisticated audience to understand the hidden message. The concept of clothes as a socio-cultural experience, above trends, is the source of a positive collective consciousness through a responsible approach to the decisions.

All the products are made with great care, in the personal Atelier, but also in collaboration with craftsmen and specialized workshops in Romania.