Denis Bolborea

Is a performer, choreographer and sound designer with experience working in the performing arts. In 2013 he graduated from the National University of Theatrical and Cinematographic Arts in Bucharest, majoring in Choreographic Arts.

At his graduation gala he won the Best Performer Award for his work “What’s left”, a production that won ALT – National Choreography Competition, 1st edition. In the same competition he also presented his work “Sound Alchemy”, in which he explores the relationships between body, sound and emotion.

As a teenager she studied urban dance, participating in workshops and competitions in hip hop, locking and popping, later having collaborations in television and musical performances.

As a performer, he combines contemporary dance techniques with the baggage gained from his experiences in urban dance, while also being interested in the connection between voice and body in his personal explorations.

He is concurrently developing as a vocal soloist and beatboxer, and is involved in various projects that place him at the intersection of these roles, incorporating a live looping setup and vocal processors.

Since 2014 he is part of the Tangaj Dance collective, coordinated by Simona Deaconescu, collaborating as a performer in productions such as ” Dreams Factory” , “Birdville” (performer and sound-designer), “Counterbody”, “Sonder” (performer, short film), “Aftertaste” (sound designer). The productions have been presented both in the country and in international festivals in Sofia, Vienna, Linz, Istanbul, New York.

In 2016 he starts the initiative Indie Box, “a box with independent projects”, together with Alexandra Bălășoiu. Their work has evolved organically in the last 4 years, starting from EartoBucharest, a project that consisted in mapping the Bucharest soundscape, more apo towards research experiments, and cultural interventions in public space (Earsight, 2017), running in parallel an alternative concept of courses and workshops, in the sphere of contemporary dance, entitled Flowprints.

In 2018 the choreographic product Singing Bodies’ Trilogy was born, which functions as a contemporary dance performance in three parts, or three independent solos, encapsulating the kinaesthetic and sensory experiences of three choreographers (Alexandra Bălășoiu, Denis Bolborea and Valentina de Piante) in relation to the city they live in.

At the same time, they are releasing their first a cappella album, entitled Portrait, as part of the vocal group Blue Noise, with Denis filling the role of percussionist.

Also under the Indie box umbrella, in 2019 he collaborates with A-C Leonte in the project “I am You”, completed with an immersive concert, premiered in the Church of Florești, and several cities in the country. Three musical tracks (Pray, Remember and Running) were also released as part of the project.

He collaborates with Alexandra Bălășoiu, in a reiteration of the production “A Museum (Theatre)” by Clyde Chabot, which proposes an artistic analysis of the history of communism in Romania in the form of a performative act, “in which text, movement and digital processing intertwine”.

He is a performer in Urban Gif Show, a Teatrelli production by Florin Fieroiu, “an innovative performance about the city and the way the body manifests itself in it”.

He is currently in the process of developing BLIP (Beatbox and Looping International Platform), following the release of his first EP – “Out of the loop”, as part of his personal project, KABLAT, produced entirely from voice and digital processing.