In its second edition, New Media Alley reintegrates and updates a series of successful art projects from the first edition, namely the HEXALIGHT light design installation created by the artist Daniel Mancas, Reactive Fountain by artists Silviu Apostol and Andrei Cozlac, Videomapping on Gheoghe Asachi School of the VJ Edge Mapping group, projects that aim to substantiate the productions generated by NEW MEDIA ALLEY as a model of constant practice in promoting and developing the projects of young artists. This segment is continued by a series of interactive sound installations (Organ Tubes – made by EdgeMapping and Chemical Soundscapes – made by the artist Alexandros Raptis) that challenge the audience to a discovery of sound and light through participatory gestures. The Ship of Fools installation by Indie Box combines choreography, contemporary dance film and video installation into a physical and digital visual sculpture, in which dance and time transform even the projection surface.

The area of ​​new media installations functions as a catalyst for the Human and technology stage performative scene, where performers will perform live a series of works from their research practice. Reality Check is the second part of the Singing Bodies Trilogy performance and talks about a way in which the individual experiences and translates the urban context through sound and movement, where the artist Denis Bolborea uses contemporary dance and beat box and loopstation and videomapping techniques. to structure a coherent discourse in the relationship between body and city. The Reality Check performance is complemented by the work Entagled Souls by young choreographers Radu Alexandru and Alice Veliche who use body, dance and interaction, to generate through the body’s tactility the sound universe of contact, closeness and distance. The artist Danaga creates for NEW MEDIA ALLEY the work Recycle, an experimental performative installation in which the artist performs in a construction of tubes and digital instruments, creating a ritual universe.

New Media Alley wants to create an alley where the public gets lost in synesthetic and contemplative experiences, a place where technology is humanized and organically integrated into an artistic discourse.