Nikita (Mykyta) Kadan

Was born in Kyiv in 1982. He works with painting, graphics, and installation, often in interdisciplinary collaboration with architects, sociologists and human rights activists. He is a member of the artist group REP (Revolutionary Experimental Space) and founding member of Hudrada (Artistic Committee), a curatorial and activist collective. Lives in Kyiv. 

“The work of Nikita Kadan combines an attempt to represent the loss of a coherent historical narrative and an effort to reestablish its role in society. The attentive alignment of his practice to critical socio-political issues provides us with an insight into the political experience of the totalizing “now” characterizing the current situation in Ukraine. Emerging from a tradition of collective activism within the R.E.P. group, Kadan’s individual practice has elaborated a body of works encompassing the notions of politics of memory and the relations between the narratives of modernity and the reality of capitalist society.” (Silvia Franceschini)

Thomas Fink

The craftsman producing Nikita’s Installation is born in Southern Germany in 1990. After learning the craft of blacksmithing in Germany, he went travelling as a traditional journeyman for 5 years and finally settled in Sibiu. In the small village of Hosman, Sibiu, he established a small art and knives forge. The connection between heritage craft and contemporary design is his greatest passion.