Alesia Cîdă

I believe that sustainability in fashion is just an aspiration towards utopia, in which the human can manufacture without having a negative impact on the planet. We are quite far away from this perfect world, however, my mission as a designer is to find ways of creating, while keeping my carbon footprint to a minimum.

Instead of ‘sustainable’, ‘resourceful’ can better describe my work. My brand is all about using existent resources, reinventing and giving them a new meaning. In my past projects I even worked with trash, especially single use plastic. By melting it, I used it to drape on the stand just how I would have done it with a textile fabric. When I don’t melt plastic, I manufacture and design my garments using textiles that have been collected from second-hand shops during my high school years.

I am studying at London College of Fashion, being enrolled in the Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear course. As my university finds sustainability very important, I have been given the chance to further research this subject, all while being supported by tutors and professionals in that area.

The story of every garment that I’ve made so far goes way back to the moment I spotted the fabric in a pile of clothes. It had something special that caught my attention, which made me take it home and later repurpose it into something new. Mass production wouldn’t be possible in my brand as every item I make has its own background and meaning.

In this context, artists such as musicians, art or fashion publications are the ideal clientele, and the ones I most enjoy working with. The matter that brings us together is that everyone has a specific story to tell through their work and uses their own different ways and techniques. All the collaborations I’ve had the pleasure to do so far have been feeding into my development as a designer and I am very grateful for it.

Besides my collaborators that greatly inspire me every day through their work, I take my inspiration from many other sources such as nature, art in its many forms (dance, theatre, music) but also from mundanity. I’ve always loved textile art and by starting to pay attention to the ordinary things that may go unnoticed I realized how we are always surrounded by interesting patterns and shapes that can be easily applied in fashion.

I hope that in the future I will be able to preserve the spontaneity and rawness of my brand and keep it at least as ethical as it is now.