Alexandra Lăcătușu

“Stitched Stories” came to be as I was taking my first steps towards the world of fashion design. At that time, as a Textile Design Student at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, I used the textile prints carried out during my bachelor’s degree in my first capsule-collection titled “Shades of Love.”

Founded on the idea that everything that surrounds us has a story, an inner logos whose mystery is discovered and translated by the artist through specific expression means, I chose as my mean –the garment.

Whether it is the freedom of a bird’s flight, the tenderness of a flower or even deeper themes of the intrinsic nature of the human being, “Stitched Stories” tends to be inspired by all mentioned above and aims to translate them into clothing, whose uniqueness is bound to be timeless.

The love for the symbol, as a reflection of the surrounding world, made specific the use of reinterpreted or abstracted prints and embroideries under the emblem of a minimalist and refined air. Their synthesis with silhouettes in simple, fluid lines, which often propose geometric games and asymmetries, and with narrow, subtle color palettes is what defines the particularity of the brand.

Therefore, “Stitched Stories” wants to create a modern aesthetic, elegant and at the same time artistic and creative, but to keep its naturalness by making clothes as an extension of man without distorting its natural beauty.